If you have been out in Cape Town in the past few weeks, you sure to have seen some interesting marking all over the town. The chess based markings form part of great new campaign for the exciting new film 4Corners!

The guerrilla marketing campaign, designed by Markus Wormstorm, for Ian Gabriel’s feature film, Four Corners, South Africa’s official submission to the 2014 Oscars, launched this week. USB sticks, containing unreleased mixes by Markus Wormstorm featuring Khuli Chana, Rattex, Cream, Kanyi and Hemelbesem, the official trailer and details on how to claim prizes including exclusive red carpet premier tickets, have been planted around the city. The “dead drops” are plastered into walls in mystery locations as well as some of our favorite hangouts. There will also be wooden chess piece USB’s placed in secret locations which fans will hunt using a photograph of the location.

Here are the links / hashtag for the campaign. #fourcornersdrops @fcdrops facebook.com/fourcornersdrops

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