Thursday was a crazy day for BMK. Interviews, photos, setting up our space in MOAD for STR CRD, ordering the entire contents of a hardware store through a catalogue, and me spending a couple of hours getting over my fear of heights on top of a ladder (regrettably so, might I add.) Luckily, our hotel was kind of in the middle of all of it, so getting lost in Joburg wasn’t an issue (I am, of course, clearly referring to last year.Holla Keke!).

(This is me working very hard while Paul takes a photo. Guess who is the bitch in Bitches Must Know?)

After setting up for a couple of hours, a drink was well- deserved and very much in order, so we freshened up and headed to Revolution House to the fashion event ‘Connected‘, a collobarative capsule project involving South African stylists and the homies from Bread & Butter Berlin, Joey Elgersma, Lee Stuart and Mayra Fateh.

Dirty Paraffin making ears happy.

The styling was out of this world, it took everything in me not to offer to buy the stuff  straight off of the mannequins (people do that right?).

More of Str Crd in BMK DOES JOBURG. PART 3. Coming soon.

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